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The Tower Beach Bum 2 is a Class 2 electric bike that combines a comfortable riding position with a powerful 500W motor. During the Tower Beach Bum 2 review we learned that it has enough power to flatten hills and a wide enough gear range that you’ll always find the perfect gear for the situation.

We put the Beach Bum 2 through numerous tests to get a better idea how this budget-friendly Class 2 cruiser performs relative to some others that we have tested. We were impressed with its battery range and comfort. We also conducted a hill climb test, brake test and more to give you a good idea of how the Beach Bum 2 performs as a whole.

Here at Electric Bike Report one of our jobs is to hold companies to a higher standard and push the industry forward. Between our meetings, testing and overall review process we get a very good understanding of how these bikes rank up against one another.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly electric bike that’s great for cruising the boardwalk at the beach and cruising around the paved trails then the Tower Beach Bum 2 is definitely a bike to look into. Thanks for tuning in to our video review of the Beach Bum 2 today. Leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe for future reviews and electric bike content. Enjoy!

0:00 Tower Beach Bum 2 Review Intro
0:50 Who It Is For
1:20 Hill Test
8:31 Range Test
10:48 Handlebar/Cockpit
13:02 Circuit Test
14:25 Brake Test
16:53 Handling/Final Thoughts

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