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The Tower Beach Babe is a Class 2 electric beach cruiser that combines a powerful motor with comfortable contact points and ride geometry. Between the power of the motor and 7-speed drivetrain, we were able to ride up steep hills comfortably without having to expend too much effort.

During the Tower Beach Babe review we gained more insight into the true performance of this bike and how it stacked up to its fellow beach cruiser, the Tower Beach Bum 2. After conducting a hill test, brake test, battery range test and more we feel like we have a good idea of what the Beach Babe has to offer.

The Beach Babe is going to be good for anybody who can appreciate a casual beach-side cruise or ride around town. The Beach Babe is designed to suit casual riders needs by keeping them comfortable and in control.

The budget friendly price point mixed with the comfort and fun factor this bike has makes it hard to ignore. If you are looking for a cruiser below $2000 we would recommend looking into the Tower Beach Babe. It’s comfortable, quick and good looking. Enjoy!

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0:46 Who It’s For
1:14 Hill Test
8:21 Range Test
9:58 Cockpit
12:17 Circuit Test
14:25 Brake Test
16:24 Comfort/Final Thoughts

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