Check out the new Fat Tire ebikes recently launched by SnapCycle.
The R1 Step-Thru model for $1599 is a great deal and in stock at their Los Angeles warehouse with Lithium-ion Samsung cells in their batteries!
If you are looking for a full size fat tire ebike, this is one model that riders from 5’3" to 6’4" can ride in comfort.

The R1 is one of the coolest looking ebikes on the road today with its sleek design and powerful 750watt nominal motor which is capable of 1200watts of peak power on demand, I think anyone getting this electric fat tire bike will not be disappointed. This is seriously an ebike that riders of all levels and skills can appreciate and enjoy.

With the ebike shortage going on now, Snapcycle has high end quality components that others are unable to get. The owners are proud to say they currently offer Samsung cells in all their current ebikes and have been able to keep their prices down below the competition’s similar models.

I highly recommend anyone looking into getting a fat tire ebike to add the Snapcycle to the list of potential ebikes to consider. It has all the makings of a serious competitor against any ebike in it’s class for the price!

***Thank you Snapcycle for sending me the R1 Step-Thru to review. I really appreciated and enjoyed making this video!****

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