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In this review of the RadRover 6 Plus from Rad Power Bikes, we test the hill climb ability, battery range, handling and more to give you a good idea of what the bike has to offer.

The RadRover 6 is the most recent rendition of Rad Power Bikes flagship model. Combining classic RadRover characteristics with modern visuals and features the RadRover 6 provides lots of versatility and comfort. The RadRover 6 is a great option for commuters, cruisers, and those wanting to explore the paths less traveled.

With 750W of power coming from the rear hub motor, 4-inch wide tires and a suspension fork, the RadRover 6 feels very soft and capable when riding on any terrain. It doesn’t matter if the road is paved or unpaved, the RadRover 6 is in its element.

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus has characteristics of mountain bikes, conventional fat tire bikes, sleek commuters and comfortable cruisers all in one. This leaves the RadRover’s purpose and use up to you.

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0:00 RadRover 6 Plus Review Intro
0:40 What’s New?
2:00 Motor / Hill Test
9:30 Battery / Range Test
11:19 Cockpit
12:58 Circuit Test
14:57 Brake Test
17:22 Handling / Ride Comfort
18:20 RadRover 6 Plus Final Thoughts

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