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Propella V4.0 Review, 2021

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The Propella V4.0 is a class 1 commuter e-bike that’s fast rolling, light weight, and good looking.

With 250W of power from the motor, and quick 700 x 35c tires you’ll find yourself cruising at high average speeds without a lot of effort. The V4.0s price point is also very competitive for what you receive.

Those who want an e-bike, but still like the feeling of a normal bike below them will like what the Propella V4.0 brings to the table. Propella offers the V4.0 in a single speed, and 7 speed design, both of which have their benefits.

We reviewed the 7 speed model and found the gear range to be largely beneficial to the ride experience as a whole. Commuting? Riding for fun? Either way check out what the Propella V4.0 has to offer.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Motor
1:10 Hill Climb
2:12 Drivetrain
2:55 Battery
3:20 Range Test
4:35 Circuit Test
6:58 Brake Test
8:59 Handling & Comfort
10:50 Final Thoughts

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