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Coffee company Boseco has announced plans to roll out mobile e-bike coffee shops in major cities, with San Francisco as the first planned location. This revolutionary model provides everyday coffee consumers with a fast, flexible and convenient way to order gourmet coffee from any location in their city. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs who sign up will enjoy an “Uber-like” business model with low startup costs, high demand, easy fulfillment and a short time to ROI.

Boseco’s new service (titled “Coffeeshing”) aims to capitalize on both a massive global coffee market and a strong continuing trend towards delivery services. Consumers will use a mobile app to order high-quality coffee from anywhere, including areas such as parks and recreational spaces (which traditional delivery services cannot reach).

Coffeeshing will also serve as a lucrative and low-commitment offer to a separate market consisting of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs will have the freedom to provide their service when and where they see fit, taking orders through the mobile app or directly on the street. No prior business or barista experience is needed as Boseco’s coffee capsules prepare gourmet quality in just three button presses.

These advantages eliminate the high barrier to entry for starting a business and make Coffeeshing attractive and accessible to even complete beginners, greatly increasing the total addressable market.

As an established company that sells premium-quality coffee machines and over 1.2 million capsules of coffee per year, Boseco is in a prime position to significantly expand with this new offering.  Their team, led by CEO Kostiantin Yun, consists of experienced entrepreneurs who have built and sold successful businesses in several industries ranging from cinema chains to factories.

The team is very excited about Coffeeshing’s ability to easily deploy in any major city. After their initial launch in San Francisco, they plan to expand to 10 cities within 2 years and 100 cities within 5 years, with a total customer segment in the 10-20 Billion range. 

They have already fully developed and tested the 1st version of Coffeeshing and will soon finalize the 2nd and 3rd versions, which will be commercially ready. Crowdfunding is currently underway to help facilitate these goals and speed up deployment.

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