The Bolton Blackbird had everything I wanted in a higher performance electric bike for a fantastic price, but that was not the only reason I decided to buy from Bolton Ebikes.
While doing my research, I also looked into the customer complaints people had with each company I was potentially going to buy from. I found that the owner from Bolton Ebikes (Kyle Chittock) really stood behind his product and had a reputation to uphold being an online influencer. Customer service was one of the top factors I look into because I know that with any ebike seller, a small percentage of ebikes sold will have damage or defects upon arrival. It’s part of the business. How they take care of customers is extremely important. Having an ebike with problems can make the whole bike ownership miserable when you can’t get a response or a resolution.
Kyle and his team at Bolton Ebikes really did a great job trying to help me every step of the way to solve a noise issue. It ended up going from noisy to broken when the local repair shop tried to fix the problem for me. This is when I was so glad I bought my ebike from Bolton.

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