I put the new Lectric 2.0 XP version through its paces and tell you what I really think.

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As a first generation owner of the Lectric foldable fat tire ebike I jumped at the chance to upgrade my ride. I really wanted a suspension fork to soften those hard road bumps and the other improvements made me pull the trigger on the 2.0.

After 10 long weeks of waiting, the new bike is here and I’ve had a chance to ride it for a few days now. Lectric now says on their website that shipping times have been reduced to just 4 weeks so it looks like they are ironing out some of the problems in their supply chain which many other ebike companies have had to deal with also.

The 2.0 XP, which also comes in a step through version..comes with a 9.6ah battery which should be good for about 40 miles in the lowest PAS setting. But if your like me who rides in mainly PAS 2-3 you will more likely see that reduced to about 30 miles in real world conditions. 

The original XP came with a 10.4ah battery so I am a bit confused as to why Lectric decided to push the new bikes with a slightly smaller battery. Ebike companies generally come out with bigger battery options over time so I have a feeling they were looking to cut costs especially since shipping prices have increased dramatically during the global pandemic.

The big takeaway for me on the 2.0 is the lower profile the bike offers compared to its big brother the 1.0. The tires went from true 4 inch fat tires to smaller 3 inch versions. When you look at the 2 bikes side by side, its clear the 1.0 can be called a fat tire ebike. The 2.0 now looks like more of a daily driver, the skinnier tires give it a more pedestrian feel vs the burly original. 

So if you are a tall person or heavier rider I might suggest you look at fat tire bikes with a 4 inch inch that offers a bigger profile. But for those who thought the 4inch tires seemed intimidating the new 2.0 seems like it would be a great fit. I’m six foot tall and weigh about 175 so dont mind the new profile but anybody taller than that might.

Lectruc says the smaller tires make the bike easier to handle on the road and fold up. I would agree to that. I took the 1.0 around to many places and had to fold it a lot to put into my Subaru. Its bulky but the 2,0 is definitely easier to get in and ou of my car. The new suspension fork is a dream and the bike handles just as well if not better than the original. My forearms took a beating on the 1.0 since the roads in my neighborhood are quite bumpy but the 2.0 sucks up those bumps and takes those jolts rather them reverberating through my upper body. 

Lectric also redesigned the bikes paint job and i really like the new midnight blue paint even though they still call it black. Its def not black when you bring it outside. So dont expect a black bike when you get it.

All in all the 2.0 is a great ebike for the money. You can certainly get a better ebike in the 1500 to $2000 range but for an entry level offering the Lectric is still among the best products on the market.


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