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Lectric Ebikes, makers of the popular fat tire folding ebikes have just notified customers of potential delays that could delay bikes an additional 2-3 weeks than promised.

In what can only be described as a very transparent explanation, the email says the following;

Hey Lectric Rider,

If you’re like us, you’ve been hearing a lot about the global supply chain lately. At Lectric, we regularly field questions from customers who want more information about when their bikes will arrive.

We wish we could show you how hard we work to get this right. Our guiding principle at Lectric is to blow away your expectations at every step.   

Our team meets daily to coordinate the delivery of finished bikes to customers, and we try to communicate our very best estimate about when you can expect to take a ride on your new Lectric eBike.

Lately, events outside our control have made this frustratingly difficult. While this hasn’t affected everyone, just a small fraction of our customers, we’ve found ourselves apologizing more often than we’d like.

Lectric eBikes are proudly designed in Phoenix, Arizona. Every inch of a Lectric eBike has been engineered to create an amazing experience at a jaw dropping price. Our components come from all over the globe. We founded Lectric because we know in our souls that eBikes have the power to transform lives, improve communities, and – just as importantly – put grins on millions of faces. Everyone should be able to afford an eBike.

That’s the purpose of this note. Looking abroad and closer to home, we continue to experience periodic slowdowns and capacity constraints across a variety of service providers, particularly those responsible for shipping goods to our facilities and to customers’ homes. Last week, for example, a major port in Asia shut down unexpectedly due to a COVID outbreak.

Behind the scenes, we have responded to this hiccup and others over the past six months in dozens of ways. We have placed deposits with key suppliers as much as 18 months in advance. We have more than tripled production capacity at our assembly facility. We’ve paid for extra access to shipping lines at 300 to 400% markups to historical rates, and we have worked our tails off to reroute and expedite products as quickly as possible. 

Our customer support team has tripled in size. And although our costs have increased significantly during this period, we have maintained our commitment to delivering the absolute best eBike for the dollar, period. 

Over the next several weeks, we believe we will be able to deliver the vast majority of existing orders on-time or with just a negligible delay. Tens of thousands of our bikes are fully assembled today and ready for delivery. Production is not our challenge. We can’t wait to get them in your hands.

The past months have also cautioned us that shipping availability remains uncertain, and it appears likely that a portion of recent orders, potentially including yours, may have a delivery date several weeks later than what we communicated when you placed your order. Our team is scrappy and creative, and we continue to hunt for ways to overcome these frustrating hiccups. With that said, we expect your bike to be delayed by approximately 2 to 3 weeks. We will be sure to update you as we receive more shipping information. (Please disregard this email if your bike has already shipped).

We are deeply appreciative of your support for Lectric. Our team has grown from an idea into one of the fastest growing eBike companies in America in just two years. We will continue to provide you the best information available to us and strive to blow away your expectations for what a bike can be. In the meantime, you may call or email our customer service at any time.

A few customers on the various Facebook groups for the brand have made their complaints known, but Lectric seems to have done a good job of getting out in front of the issue through their customer support team. If you notice in the email it says “tens of thousands of bikes” are already assembled and ready to go, indicating this is mainly a delivery issue not a manufacturing one.

By Ebike Newsboy

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