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Euphree City Robin Review 2021

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The Euphree City Robin cruiser comes in multiple colors and two power options. Buyers can opt for the Performance programming or more of a Gradual power program. We like that the City Robin is nimble and well-sized with some nice power from the Bafang 500w motor. Fenders and lights come standard so this is perfect for commuting or riding to the coffee shop for an afternoon with friends. Euphree is a new company in the e-bike space and we look forward to seeing what they will bring to the table.

The City Robin includes:
– Integrated Battery: 48V, 14 Ah 672Wh Samsung 35E lithium-ion cells
– Display: Backlit LCD with charge indicator, speedometer, trip odometer & pedal-assist
– Rear Hub Motor: 500W Bafang Brushless Rear Hub
– Integrated Lights: Front & rear powerful long-lasting LED lights
– Pedal Assist: 5 Modes of PAS
– Range: Up to 50 miles with low assist; 30 miles with high assist

Our favorite features include the lightweight 55lb aluminum frame which is perfect for petite riders. The sprightly Bafang motor is quick & responsive and the low 16” stepover height makes it easy to step down at intersections, stop signs, and lights. The City Robin handles tight corners comfortably with a shorter wheelbase that makes it navigable even on narrow streets. Both front and rear rack are standard as well as the integrated lights and fenders. Euphree has equipped the City Robin with high-end components so you won’t have to add a lot of aftermarket accessories. I’d love to see the addition of some water bottle bosses for a cage on the downtube, and the brakes could use a tweak, but in general, we are impressed by the Euphree City Robin.

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