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The Espin Nesta is a Class 3 foldable all-terrain electric bike that has proved to be quite the jack of all trades. The Nesta comes with a 750W motor, 48V, 10.5Ah battery and a 100mm suspension fork. Between all of the components and comfort aspects of this bike there is a lot to like about the Nesta.

During the Espin Nesta review we conducted multiple tests to get a better understanding of how the Nesta compares to other foldable fat tire electric bikes that we have tested like the RadMini 4, and Lectric XP. While we won’t give away the results in this Youtube description we were very impressed with the Nestas performance.

The Espin Nesta is one of the better bangs for your buck we have seen this year. If you are struggling to decide what type of electric bike to get we would recommend looking into this one. It isn’t one specific style of bike.

The Nesta can be your commuter, exploration bike or your grocery-getter. Between the versatility and price point the Espin Nesta is a great choice for just about anyone who wants to pedal an electric bicycle.

Keep riding and enjoy the review!

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0:51 Who It’s For
1:27 Motor & Hill Test
9:01 Battery & Range Test
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13:31 Circuit Test
15:16 Brake Test
17:08 Conclusion

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