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My father and I drag race 13 different ebikes to see which bike has the strongest acceleration. There were several surprises.

PARTS LIST for my custom AWD Citizencycle bike:

Tannus Amour Tire Inserts (tannus america)

Specialized Fast Trak Tires ( (i purchased my from

Bolton Hydraulic Brake Calipers (Bolton Ebikes)

Battery Adapter Plug Rad Rover (Bolton Ebikes)

750w Bafang Motor (Electro Bike World)

35amp Controller Upgrade (Bolton Ebikes)

Hailong Fat Shark 52v 17.5ah Battery (Electro Bike World)

Female XT90 to Anderson Powerpole plug (Servocity)

XT60 Plugs (amazon)

Ebikeling Front Hub Motor Kit (

Rockbros Bicycle Rear Trunk (amazon)

Rockbros Top Tube Bike Bag (amazon)

Kryptonite Evolution Lock (amazon)

Kryptonite Cable Lock (amazon)

Vibration Sensing Bike Alarm (amazon)

Tire Ink (amazon)

Mud Guards (amazon)

Hat Helmet (amazon)

Fenders (amazon)

Water bottle Bracket (MRI Denver)

Water Bottle holders (amazon)

Water Bottle (amazon)

Mirrors (amazon)

Headlight amazon)

Handlebar mount (amazon)

Phone mount (amazon)

Bikeroo Seat (amazon)

Roswheel bag

Rear Rack (Radpowerbikes)

Ammo boxes (amazon)

Spoke Skins (amazon)

Bright Spokes lights (amazon)

Programmable Wheel Lights (amazon)

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