In this weekend project, we build a simple ebike solar charger. The design will allow you to ride to work and get a few extra miles of charge during the day. It costs a couple hundred dollars to make and can be used on any ebike.

Step 1: Find a compact battery backup with a 110 outlet. We used this one:

Step 2: Find a folding solar panel with the correct output and connector size to match the battery backup. We used:

Step 3: Find an enclosure to fit everything in. You could use a pannier bag, but we used a ammo box that fit one of our bikes perfectly.

Step 4: Connect the solar panel to the battery and confirm it charges out in the sun. Get the backup battery up to charge, then plug in your ebike charger.

Step 5: Charge up your ebike.

The battery back up form a sort of “buffer” for days that the sun isn’t at peak. Think of it like a Tesla Powerwall. It’s also handy because of the 110 outlet that is already integrated and makes the project a breeze to put together.

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