The Danish design company MATE has received an investment from Marcy Venture Partners. With these funds the start-up will take a giant leap to accelerate the future of smart transportation, with the global aim for the world to go greener via a new, smarter, more flexible, and “flashy” form of transportation.

By partnering up with Marcy Venture Partners, MATE will expand the global eBike revolution. With an exciting and innovative pipeline of Danish designed eBikes, apparel and accessories, the company will take essential steps to hyper-accelerate its scale-up journey.

“MATE is such an innovative and joyful brand. Their electric vehicles are great for the planet, head-turners for their design, and so innovative,” says Larry Marcus of Marcy Venture Partners.

The disruptive brand from the biking capital of the world – Copenhagen, Denmark – was love at first sight for thousands of fans, backers, and influencers when MATE launched and became one of the world’s most crowdfunded brands ever.

To consolidate business and maintain magic, MATE continues to push the universe forward by keeping a sensational and bulletproof design. The new generation of premium Danish designed and affordable eBikes, is now available worldwide and brings foldable freedom and ultimate transportation excitement to the masses.

“We are ready to accelerate the MATE dream with massive impact. In the future, MATE will focus on the innovative fields of design, tech, and experience. MATE has an epic pipeline of new products, technology, and tier 1 partnerships to be launched globally this year. We embrace the magic in the ordinary and dream big because MATE is so much more than “just a bike.” It is a unique e-motion and great fun,” says Julie Kronstrøm Carton and Christian Adel Michael, Founders of MATE.

With a clear vision to shake up an old and tired transportation scene, MATE adds a fresh take on all aspects of the ride by offering the coolest, fastest, most versatile, and affordable, foldable eBikes on the planet.

MATE is a Copenhagen-based start-up founded by siblings Julie Kronstrøm Carton and Christian Adel Michael. The company “kick-started” its success with the foldable MATE.BIKE on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and instantly became one of the world’s most crowdfunded brands ever, with customers from more than 80+ countries. Today MATE is known for its fast, flexible, head-turning effect and iconic award-nominated exclusive danish design with an affordable price tag.

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