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Bimotal Elevate E-bike Conversion Kit Review

The Bimotal Elevate is a 750W removable electric bike motor that’s easy to install and remove. We had the opportunity to meet up and chat with Toby Ricco, CEO of Bimotal, during this year’s Sea Otter Classic to learn more about the new conversion kit and test it out for the first time.

We rode the Elevate system around the trails at the 2021 Sea Otter Classic to get a better understanding of how the Elevate system worked and how effective it was. After we rode the Elevate we all were in agreement about how impressive the system was. Each of us were able to climb the steepest hill we could find without much issue at all.

The Elevate is able to produce 50 Nm of torque at all times, and can produce up to 100 Nm in short bursts. The system mounts to the bike via the rear brake mounts and can transfer power to the rear wheel via a specially designed rear brake rotor. The Elevate is powered by a 250Wh battery that sits in the center of the frame, around the same spot you’d put a water bottle.
Right now the Elevate is only available with a throttle only design, however the team at Bimotal isn’t too far off from introducing their pedal assist version. Based on our positive experience with the team and the product we are hoping it takes off.

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