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Throughout our time spent on the Aventon Aventure Step-Through review we learned that the Aventure is plenty strong to flatten steep hills and plenty capable for commuting, off road singletrack and everything in between.

The Aventure Step-Through is a capable all terrain electric bike from Aventon. The Aventure Step-Through comes with a 750W motor, 4-inch wide tires and a integrated 48V, 15Ah battery.

The price to performance ratio of the Aventure makes it a great option for any e-bike riders who don’t want to be confined to one style of riding or one terrain.The Aventure feels like a more refined version of competitors similarly priced fat tire e-bikes.

We conducted a hill climb test, a battery range test, a stopping power test, and more on the Aventure Step-Through. By the end of our Aventure review you should have a good idea of the bikes performance, and if it’s the right bike for you.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Who It’s For
1:36 Motor/Hill Test
6:33 Battery/Range Test
8:29 Cockpit
10:46 Circuit Test
12:16 Brake Test
13:56 Handling

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