ebike riders are not cheating

Let’s talk about the word cheating. I’ve heard it twice now while riding my ebike on the trails.

Other bikers I pass say, “Hey, you’re cheating.”

They kind of say it in jest, but there’s some negativity around their words. They dont seem to understand why we ride them. My wife told her friend that I bought an ebike.. “Why would you buy an e-bike?”, she asked.

Well they don’t get it, but we do as e-bike riders! And so I wanted to give out my five reasons why e-bikes are not cheating.

#1 – It’s about exploration, not about exercise. This is my favorite one and it’s the one why I bought an e-bike. I wanted to get out there and explore more places on my bike than I could with a regular road bike. The e-bike allows me to go to different places I never would have been before and I’m really thankful for that.

#2 – It’s eco-friendly. You’re not spewing gas fumes in the air, spending money on gas, and electric is the future anyway. Cars are going there, e-bikes are going there too

#3 – It lets you go farther than a regular bike. You can explore more places, you can do long rides. I was watching JohnnyNerdOut on YouTube. He did like 150 mile ride on his e-bike. He went camping overnight, stopped a Walmart, and juiced up. So that’s pretty cool stuff. Ebikes actually encourage you to ride more!

#4 – For some people it’s alternate transportation. They might commute to work on an e-bike, all the power too. I have seen a number of ebike owners who have replaced their car with an ebike. No insurance, no registration needed.

#5 – It’s just fun. I wake up every day wanting to get on my e-bike and go out and have some fun and cruise around. The feeling you get when you are hitting a downhill at 25MPH+ is an awesome way to experience the rush of an ebike.

So dont let the negative comments affect your perception of ebikes. Those folks just don’t get it.

By Ebike Newsboy

I scour the web looking for ebike stories.